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President’s Award for Safety

Making safety one of Petro-Canada’s top priorities is driven and supported by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). In 2006, our President & CEO, Ron Brenneman, introduced the President’s Award for Safety to recognize outstanding Zero-Harm achievements through innovation, technology and workforce engagement.

The intent of the President’s Award Program is to recognize one or more operating area and/or project of the Company each year for achieving a Zero-Harm workplace of 250,000 hours or more through use of innovation, technology, employee engagement, or effective transfer of learning. Each submission is assessed objectively by considering the injury-free Zero-Harm performance accomplishment and the contributing factors in some or all of the following areas:

  • high degree of workforce engagement and participation
  • achievement of significant improvement in performance over time
  • effective use of innovation, programs or technology for risk reduction and control
  • transferring learning and best practices throughout the organization to prevent loss

The recipient of the 2008 annual President’s Award for Safety was the North Eastern British Columbia (B.C.) Production Operations Group from the North American Natural Gas Business Unit (NANG)

The North Eastern B.C. team achieved more than 847,993 hours without a recordable injury. This represents 18 consecutive months without a recordable injury and 35 consecutive months without a disabling injury. The team had a total recordable injury frequency of 0.0 in 2008, a true demonstration of the success of Zero-Harm and the teams best safety performance ever.

Behind these strong safety statistics were some very good programs. The Behaviour Based Safety program, using Safe Start and Safe Track, has become well entrenched in the North Eastern B.C. Operations group and was a big contributor to the overall safety performance. As well, contractor management initiatives like Contractor Information Forums, participation in safety meetings, and enhanced training for Class A Contractors have improved awareness and emphasis on expectations. There is also a very high level of leadership visibility and reinforcement of the Total Loss Management (TLM) priorities.

This accomplishment is a testament to the efforts of all employees and contractors in making Zero-Harm a reality at Petro-Canada through workforce engagement, innovation, technology and learning. To deliver these kinds of great quantitative and qualitative safety results is commendable.

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