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There is an increasing global concern for the use, availability and quality of fresh water. Petro-Canada recognizes that water is a shared resource that we all need to use responsibly, and, as such, water is one of our corporate priorities. We are committed to partnering with the people who share this resource, in an effort to introduce more effective water management. Although there is much to accomplish on this growing issue, our achievements to date on water management demonstrate our commitment and help raise the bar for the rest of industry.

Our business units have a strong track record in adopting innovative approaches to the design and operation of our facilities in order to optimize water use and waste water discharge through recycling and treatment technologies. We work to protect the water quality in the communities and ecosystems where we operate.

Petro-Canada has a set of water principles that enable us to appropriately manage our water footprint. In 2009, Petro-Canada will pursue the second phase of our environmental information management system (EIMS), focusing on water stewardship, management and metrics. With this new system, we anticipate enhanced collection, management and stewardship of water-related information across our businesses. This, together with our Water Principles, will continue to improve the management of our water footprint as well as operational practices.

A key part of our success is a collaborative approach to water solutions. We engage with the local community and other industries to promote responsible watershed management and look for opportunities to participate in local community initiatives related to clean water and sanitation.

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