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For the most part, Petro-Canada’s views on public policy issues are communicated through a number of industry associations, namely the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (CPPI) and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP). As well, those employed in government relations and regulatory affairs provide the Company’s perspectives on public policy issues as part of ongoing regulatory process and government consultation. Senior executives also participate in other organizations, such as the Canadian Council of Chief Executives or the Energy Council of Canada, where there are discussions and recommendations on public policy. Below is a quick reference list of many of these initiatives:

  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Canadian Petroleum Products Institute
  • International Association of Oil & Gas Producers
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Oil Sands Leadership Initiative
  • Oil Sands Development Group
  • Alberta Carbon Capture and Storage Development Council

Industry Associations and Stakeholder Groups

Petro-Canada participates in industry associations and stakeholder groups.

We are an active member of CAPP. CAPP members work with governments, communities and stakeholders to analyze key oil and gas issues. The group also strives to achieve consensus on industry codes of practice and operating guidelines that meet or exceed government standards. Members work together with CAPP resources to enhance the economic well-being and sustainability of the Canadian upstream petroleum industry in a socially, environmentally and technically responsible manner. We are a Gold Level reporter on the CAPP Stewardship Initiative.

As a refiner, distributor and marketer of refined products, Petro-Canada is an active member of the CPPI. This industry association represents the views of its membership on business, environmental, and health and safety issues.

We are also active in the OGP based in the United Kingdom, which encompasses most of the world’s leading publicly traded, private and state-owned oil and gas companies and associations, and major upstream service companies. Our membership in the American Petroleum Institute (API) allows us to participate in a number of policy discussions that will initially impact our American operations, but will undoubtedly be considered for import into the Canadian regulatory framework. In particular, we are active with API in their ongoing discussions on the proposed Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

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