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Public Policy Participation

Issue: Oil Sands Royalties and Taxes

Policy Direction:  Royalties should deliver a fair return to the Alberta government, while providing industry with a competitive, stable and predictable fiscal framework on which to base long-term investment decisions. Taxation policy should recognize the challenges faced by corporations competing in a global economy.

Issue: Climate Change

Policy Direction: Climate change regulations should seek to achieve real greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in the most economic manner possible, should recognize international competitiveness concerns and should not unfairly penalize any one sector of the economy. Harmonization of provincial/state and federal standards is essential for businesses that have operations in multiple jurisdictions.

Suncor continues to work with industry and government to develop policies to support the future implementation of GHG reduction technologies, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage. Government fiscal and policy support is crucial in the successful deployment of these technologies.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard policies should treat oil sands crude using the same standards as those applied to other crude sources. Suncor is participating in a number of third party studies that seek to update the GHG lifecycle assessment for oil sands crudes.

Issue: Local Community Capacity

Policy Direction: Suncor is working with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the Alberta government and other local companies, to ensure that the needs of Wood Buffalo residents continue to be met. Building non-profit capacity and supporting key community initiatives is an important component of Suncor's work in the region.

Issue: Aboriginal Agreements

Policy Direction: Suncor, the Alberta and federal governments and other local companies are working towards a long-term agreement with Aboriginal communities in the Wood Buffalo region.

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