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Vision and Strategy

Suncor's vision is to be Canada’s premier integrated energy company focused on operational excellence and high growth, with the assets, people and financial strength to compete globally. Our long-term growth strategy is matched with a broad vision of responsible development that focuses on a triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social performance. While we expand our operations, we are working to provide a work environment for employees and contractors that is safe and respectful, minimizes our environmental footprint, and contributes to the well being of the communities in which we operate.

Energy. Innovation. Commitment.

Suncor's first formal steps in sustainability came in 1992, when our Board of Directors adopted a vision statement that stated “Suncor's vision is to be a unique and sustainable energy company, dedicated to vigorous growth by meeting the changing needs of our current and future stakeholders."

The statement went on to say that “being a sustainable energy company means managing our business in a way that enhances social and economic impacts to society, while striving to minimize the environmental impacts associated with resource development.”

As always, our actions speak louder than words. That's why we followed our original vision statement with a series of concrete initiatives to put the principles of sustainable development into practice, including:

Climate Change

  • Adopting a seven-point climate change action plan aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing corporate-wide greenhouse gas emissions. This plan has contributed to a 50% reduction in CO2 intensity per barrel since 1990.

Renewable Energy

  • Making industry-leading investments in renewable energy. We’ve invested in four wind projects. We also operate Canada’s largest ethanol plant and work is underway to expand the facility to double its capacity to 400 million litres per year. In total, we’ve targeted investment of $750 million in renewables by 2012. Taken together, these projects are expected to have the net effect of reducing Canada's carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 600,000 tonnes per year.

Innovation in Tailings


  • Improving how quickly and how well we reclaim disturbed lands. In September 2010, Suncor expects to become the first oil sands company to have a tailings pond with a trafficable surface that has progressive reclamation underway. As part of environmental goals announced in 2009, we’re targeting a 100% increase in land area reclaimed by 2015.

Water Use

  • Working to continuously reduce our use of fresh water. In 2009, we achieved an 11% reduction in water use compared to 2008. We’ve achieved an approximate reduction of 27.5% at oil sands since 2004. Our Athabasca River water use is now the lowest since 1998.

Our sustainable development commitment remains today in the new Suncor, which represents the joining of two progressive energy companies with a record of innovation.

In fact, a sustainability focus continues to be one of the fundamental ways the new Suncor plans to stand out among its competitors. Our commitment to continuously improve our sustainability performance helps make the new Suncor unique. Sustainability performance enhancements are pursued not only through investment in renewable energy but also through day-to-day improvements in managing the environmental aspects of our business. Not only is continuous sustainability improvement a pillar of Suncor’s business strategy, it is also a company value, effectively weaving a sustainability focus into the very fabric of the organization.

Operational Excellence

To Suncor, operational excellence means operating in a way that is safe, reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally responsible.

Four operational excellence strategic goals provide focus and direction to the entire organization:

  • People. Recruit and retain sufficient capable and motivated people.
  • Process and personal safety management. Continue our Journey to Zero and significantly improve the integrity and performance of our assets.
  • Environmental excellence and sustainability. Significantly improve the environmental performance of our business and go "beyond compliance" in key areas.
  • Reliability. Significantly improve the reliability of our business.

Strategy for operational excellence

Our Values

Achieving our vision and strategy requires the commitment and active engagement of our employees, management and our Board of Directors. To achieve our vision, the new Suncor values are:

  • Safety Leadership. Be personally responsible for employee safety and the safety of others.
  • People. Attract, grow and develop top industry talent.
  • Leadership by Example. Lead with courage, integrity, respect and wisdom.
  • Accountability. Have clear responsibilities and deliver on our commitments.
  • Performance. Delivery outstanding results.
  • Continuous Improvement in Sustainability. Development of energy in a way that provides economic prosperity, promotes social well-being and preserves a healthy environment.

Strategic framework for our company

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