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2012 Suncor Summary Report on Sustainability
2012 Summary Report on Sustainability
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CEO Message
CEO Message
2012 Report on Sustainability video
2012 Report on Sustainability Video

Suncor pursues a triple bottom line vision of sustainable development
energy development should occur in a way that provides economic prosperity,
promotes social well-being and preserves a healthy environment.


A strong commitment to sustainability is a hallmark of Suncor. While challenges remain, we’re encouraged by our progress and are committed to continuously improving our performance.

  • Suncor expects to spend more than $1 billion over 2010 to 2012 to implement a new tailings and reclamation technology at our existing operations. This technology has already enabled us to cancel plans for five additional ponds. In the years ahead, we expect it will help us reduce the number of tailings ponds at our current mine site from eight to one, allowing us, we believe, to reclaim entire mine sites in about a third of the time it now takes.
  • We’ve made industry-leading investments in renewable energy. Our interests now include six wind projects. We also operate Canada’s largest ethanol plant by production volume, and work to double its capacity was completed in 2011. We expect our existing and planned investments in renewables will total approximately $750 million this year.
  • Suncor has a strong history of investing in the communities where we operate.
  • We work with industry, governments and community groups to develop a coordinated, long-term approach to address infrastructure pressures on communities in northern Alberta.

To provide more detail on Suncor’s responsible development strategy, we produce reports on our performance. Suncor’s 2012 Report on Sustainability outlines Suncor’s performance in 2011 and provides a five-year performance trend where possible.

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