Operational excellence management system - Suncor's 2013 Report on Sustainability

OEMS - Suncor's 2013 Report on Sustainability

Operational excellence management system - Suncor's 2013 Report on Sustainability

Operational excellence management system - Suncor's 2013 Report on Sustainability

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Operational Excellence Management System

The Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) is Suncor's management system that is the framework for us to achieve operational excellence (PDF, 2 pp., 175 KB). It is aligned with internationally recognized management systems and is a best practice in defining and continually improving the reliability and performance of our assets.

Doing the right thing, the right way

OEMS is raising Suncor’s focus on the management of risk for our people, communities, the environment and our assets.

OEMS defines one way of doing things. This means integrated and consistent standards, processes and procedures that reduce risk and enable continuous improvement. By following consistent standards and processes, Suncor expects to increase positive business results by reducing risk, enhancing safety and reliability, and improving environmental performance.


There are four main purposes for OEMS:

  • ensure compliance with legal requirements and commitments
  • manage and control risk
  • apply a continuous improvement mindset to operational performance and sustain it
  • provide a framework to achieve operational excellence

Suncor’s process safety work and enterprise risk management system are aligned within OEMS.

OEMS is a cyclical process. Work across the organization is planned, completed and checked for compliance against OEMS and adjustments made to continually address any identified gaps in performance and drive continuous improvement.

Process safety

OEMS includes process safety standards that are designed to address hazardous process risks in our operations. If not properly managed, these risks can result in incidents with high consequence to people, environment, health and property. Process safety standards mitigate these risks and contribute to the establishment and maintenance of safe, clean and reliable operations.

By the end of 2013, it is expected all of Suncor’s major facilities will have participated in a four-step process safety program that includes:

  • an initial site assessment
  • identifying gaps and opportunities to improve performance as measured against a consistent set of operating standards
  • ongoing monitoring to ensure continuous progress
  • using lessons learned from this process to set continuous improvement targets for each subsequent year and sharing those lessons with other sites

OEMS implementation

In 2012, implementation of Suncor’s OEMS and associated process safety standards continued across all major facilities. Over half of the facilities were in the final stages of the project. As the final sites ramped up their implementations, the focus has turned to the sustainability of process safety for 2013 and beyond.