Find out more about the vision and strategy that guides the way Suncor does business – 2013 Report on Sustainability

Suncor’s vision and strategy for a bright energy future – 2013 Report on Sustainability

Find out more about the vision and strategy that guides the way Suncor does business – 2013 Report on Sustainability

"Sustainability is about seeing the big picture, and considering it through a responsible and optimistic lens." Find out more about the vision and strategy that guides the way Suncor does business – 2013 Report on Sustainability

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Vision & strategy

Energy is delivered to and experienced by people in every country across the globe. It is vital to the world we live in and the quality of life we enjoy.

As Canada's leading integrated energy company, we know that together with our stakeholders, we need to look beyond the energy needs of today and understand what is required for the future. Sustainability is about seeing the big picture, and considering it through a responsible and optimistic lens.

Our mission

"We create energy for a better world."

This is our core purpose, and what we aspire to every day.

Our vision

"Suncor's vision is to be trusted stewards of valuable natural resources. Guided by our values, we will lead the way to deliver economic prosperity, improved social well-being and a healthy environment for today and tomorrow."

This is where we see ourselves in the future. In other words, it's our view of our place in the world.

Guided by values

Our values are our guiding principles - our constant set of beliefs. They define the way we do business each and every day.

Safety above all else
Do it safely or don't do it.

Being our best. Giving our best. Showing we care.

Do the right thing
The right way, with integrity.

Raise the bar
Pursue with passion. Always add value.

Commitments matter
We are all connected and part of something bigger.

Strategy and responsible development

Suncor's long-term strategy leverages our competitive differentiators and paves the way to unlocking the company's full potential for our employees, our shareholders and our stakeholders.

Profitably operate and develop our oil sands resources
We are committed to getting the most value from our resources, which include a significant position in the oil sands. Our operational excellence focus is helping unlock the full value of these resources.

Optimize value through integration
From the ground to the gas station, we're focused on creating value for our shareholders. The integration of our business, both financially and physically, creates the conditions for our success.

Achieve industry-leading unit costs in each business segment
We aim to achieve the highest returns possible from our operations. Our focus is on keeping costs down and increasing reliability. Our integrated operating model also allows us to capture economies of scale.

Industry leader in sustainable development
We are focused on delivering triple bottom line sustainability. That means leadership in:

  • environmental performance
  • social responsibility
  • creating a strong economy

One world. One future.

Actions speak louder than words. And while our vision statement has evolved, our commitment to sustainable development remains steadfast.

Here are a few concrete initiatives where we have put the principles of sustainable development into practice:

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Climate change

  • Adopting a seven-point climate change action plan aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing corporate-wide greenhouse gas emissions. This plan has contributed to a 50% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) intensity per barrel at our mining operations since 1990.

Renewable energy

  • Making industry-leading investments in renewable energy. Our interests include six wind power projects. We also operate Canada's largest ethanol plant by production volume, with a capacity of 400 million litres per year. Taken together, it is estimated that Suncor's combined renewable energy portfolio will avoid nearly one million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year — the equivalent of the annual tailpipe emissions of about 225,000 cars.

Innovation in tailings

Social Prosperity

  • Investing in change and social progress for our people and the communities where we operate. Social Prosperity Wood Buffalo, a five-year partnership between stakeholders in the Wood Buffalo region of northeastern Alberta, the Suncor Energy Foundation, Ontario's Waterloo region and the University of Waterloo, aims to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing Wood Buffalo by strengthening its non-profit sector.

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  • Improving how quickly and how well we reclaim disturbed lands. In September 2010, Suncor became the first oil sands company to complete surface reclamation* of a tailings pond. As part of environmental goals announced in 2009, we're targeting an increase in reclamation of disturbed land area by 100% by 2015.**

    See the Wapisiw Lookout reclamation from our live web camera

Water use

  • Working to continuously reduce our use of fresh water. At Oil Sands, Suncor's gross fresh water withdrawal from the Athabasca River has declined by 52% since 2004. Water withdrawal in our oil sands business is below 1998 levels, even though bitumen production has nearly tripled.

Suncor's sustainability focus continues to be one of the fundamental ways that we stand out amongst our competitors. Our commitment to continuously improving performance is what makes Suncor unique. Not only is continuous sustainability improvement a pillar of Suncor's business strategy, it is also a company value driver, effectively weaving a sustainability focus into the very fabric of the organization.

Operational excellence

Operational Excellence is one of the key ways that Suncor can deliver on its strategy. At Suncor, operational excellence means operating in a way that is:

  • safe
  • reliable
  • cost-efficient
  • environmentally responsible

Four operational excellence strategic goals provide focus and direction to the entire organization:

  • People. Recruit and retain sufficient capable and motivated people.
  • Process and personal safety management. Continue our Journey to Zero and significantly improve the integrity and performance of our assets.
  • Environmental excellence and sustainability. Significantly improve the environmental performance of our business and go "beyond compliance" in key areas.
  • Reliability. Significantly improve the reliability of our business.

Strategic framework for our company

* Reclaimed lands have not been certified by government regulators. For further details, see Legal notice — Forward-Looking Statements.
** The base year for the planned improvements is 2007. The goals were established in 2009.
™Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc.