Suncor is committed to providing employees and leaders with the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs and prepare them for future roles

Suncor is committed to providing employees with the skills to perform their jobs and prepare them for future roles

Suncor is committed to providing employees and leaders with the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs and prepare them for future roles

Suncor is committed to providing employees and leaders with the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs and prepare them for future roles

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At Suncor, we know our people are the key to our success in leading the way in sustainable development.

Building talent

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We help our employees and leaders build skills and knowledge to master the roles they’re in today as well as prepare them for their next and future roles.

Our employees build their skills through development goals that align to their career aspirations and to our business needs and priorities. Suncor’s approach to learning and development is grounded in a 70/20/10 development formula which states that development occurs in three main ways:

  • 70% from real life and on-the-job experience
  • 20% from feedback and observing and working with role models
  • 10% from formal training

Helping people continue to develop is key to high performance and the company achieving its goals.

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Navigating career development

Our company offers a variety of career paths for operations, technical, professional and leadership streams. The Career Compass is a tool that gives insight into various career paths at Suncor and the different ways people can move into a new position or organizational level, or stay in their current role for a satisfying career.

Within the career tool, there are many resources that help identify potential career paths. It also shows how others have navigated their careers at Suncor and gives a standard way to talk about career and development.

The Career Compass, along with other resources in our development toolkit, supports our ability to retain and engage people to meet our business needs.

Educational assistance programs

This program provides financial support to employees who want to build skills and knowledge applicable to their current position or future aspirations. Currently, the program is available to employees who must complete external training or coursework to attain or retain required certification for their position.

We also offer a company-wide scholarship program to help employees’ children access post-secondary education.

Developing our leaders

Suncor has a succession-planning process that identifies and prepares those employees with the capability and interest to take on more senior leadership roles. In doing so, we ensure business continuity as roles become vacant, we proactively plan for leadership roles that are critical to executing our business strategy and build the talent we need for the future from within the company.

Orienting and onboarding new leaders

Suncor’s leader onboarding program helps new front-line leaders in their first 90 days in the role. This program offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to assist new leaders in their transition from individual contributor to leader, or from external hire to new leader. 

Managing performance and development

Performance management also helps align our employees to the strategic goals of the organization through our goals translation and goal planning processes. It is through these guided discussions with their leader that employees understand how their work contributes to the overall goals, what their performance expectations are and how their performance will be measured. Our process includes opportunities for formal and informal feedback on both the “what” and the “how” of performance throughout the year.

Effective performance management:

  • ensures performance is meeting expectations
  • provides an opportunity for leaders to recognize and reward performance
  • gives leaders the information they need to support employees’ ongoing development
  • helps the organization to meet its strategic objectives

To support the process, salaried employees across the company use an online tool as a repository for all talent information and to document the following:

  • Goal setting: Leaders work with employees to establish and agree upon goals and make sure individual goals align with those of the business, as well as personal development needs and aspirations.
  • Manager-once-removed discussions: an annual opportunity for employees to meet with their leader’s leader to discuss the employee’s work, career aspirations and development goals.
  • Mid-year reviews: a mid-year check-in between employees and their leader to see if they are on track to meet goals and to identify any challenges.
  • Year-end performance review: employees meet with their leader to go over performance and measure their results. This discussion forms the basis for our salaried employees’ performance rating and associated rewards.
  • Live profile: Employees can document their experience, education, aspirations and ability to relocate for new roles and other specific skills in an online tool. This information – visible only to the employee’s leader and leader’s manager – supports effective discussions about an employee’s experience, interests, aspirations and career development.
  • Training requirements: Employees and leaders access courses and development opportunities through a centralized hub called the Learning Management System.