Personal safety is Suncor’s top priority, and we seek to eliminate all workplace incidents

Personal safety is Suncor’s top priority, and we seek to eliminate all workplace incidents

Personal safety is Suncor's top priority, and we seek to eliminate all workplace incidents

Personal safety is Suncor’s top priority, and we seek to eliminate all workplace incidents

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At Suncor, we know our people are the key to our success in leading the way in sustainable development.

Personal safety

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Our environment, health and safety policy states our unwavering commitment to our value of safety above all else.

Our Journey to Zero program asks all employees and contractors to honour our beliefs and commitments:

  • all incidents can be prevented
  • to work here you must be committed to working safely
  • leadership is accountable for environment, health and safety performance
  • we deliver on our commitments
  • our Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) enables environmental, health and safety excellence

We’re working to continuously learn, share and improve personal safety efforts by embedding safety leadership into our culture, fully engaging all employees in safety and providing a safe work environment for all employees and contractors. Our EH&S Policy was reviewed and re-approved during 2016. Doing so is more than a formality. It’s an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to putting safety above all else.

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2016 safety performance

A sustained commitment from people at every level of the company – people who champion and cultivate a culture of safety all day, every day – made 2016 a strong year for safety at Suncor.

Our 2016 combined employee and contractor recordable injury frequency (RIF) performance of 0.33 was favorable to the 2016 target of 0.44. This is a record for Suncor and an improvement of 27% over the preceding two years. Our lost time injury frequency (LTIF) from 2016 was 0.04, same as was reported last year.

Suncor recordable injury frequency
Suncor lost-time injury frequency

Safety initiatives

We promote workforce safety dialogues and participation through various activities and processes, including:

  • procedures to secure site access and ensure we know who’s working on our sites
  • safety meetings to exchange information, concerns and increase safety awareness
  • toolbox talks at work sites focused on specific hazards
  • regular safety stand-down sessions to reflect on performance and reinforce our commitment to safety
  • a dedicated management system outlining requirements for reporting, investigation and management of incidents, hazards and near misses

Other initiatives include the Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) prevention strategy. SIF incidents have been tracked and reported for over a year, helping us to identify our top precursors (hazardous situations in which management controls are either ineffective or not complied with, and which could reasonably result in a serious injury or fatality, if allowed to continue). Recognizing the precursors, learning from these incidents, and taking corrective actions is the key to preventing SIF incidents.

Consequently, we completed an enterprise-wide ‘dropped/unsecured objects at height’ safe-work practice (SWP), based on lessons learned from the past year and best practices across Suncor and the industry. During the last quarter of 2016, Suncor also established a new Community of Practice (CoP), specifically for SIF. This group will lead the charge on SIF reduction, using the SIF reduction road map as its guide.

By the end of 2016, we also completed our enterprise-wide implementation of Enablon, Suncor’s new tool for incident and corrective action management. Moving forward, our focus shifts to furthering our competence with incident and hazard reporting, investigations and root-cause analysis. We can then better track trends from a growing pool of quality data, allowing us to address our greatest operational risks.

We also launched the ‘On Second Thought’ campaign, to encourage reporting and educate ourselves on what should be reported.

Raising the bar on workplace safety

Concrete measures are being taken to move us further along our Journey to Zero. Our plan for 2017 includes:

SIF reduction

Our SIF reduction road map for 2017 was approved. To reduce – and eventually eliminate – SIF incidents (actual and potential) we are working on:

  • strengthening controls for our top three precursors
  • aligning on tools for field verification of controls for top precursors
  • compiling lessons learned from 2016 SIF incidents through the production of a SIF yearbook and sharing the lessons across the enterprise

Contractor safety

Contractor safety performance improved in 2016 but continues to lag behind that of Suncor employees. An initiative to improve our process and tools for, and competence in, managing contractor safety has been underway for a year. Last year, we focused on building strong solutions. In 2017, we will move to solution implementation. Other areas of focus are:

  • ensuring strong hazard assessment on work scope
  • requesting and assessing value-adding contractor safety plans
  • ensuring sound management of contractors as they perform their work

Incident management and corrective actions (IM/CA) – next steps

We continue to encourage everyone to report all incidents and hazards, and enter accurate and quality information into the new Enablon tool. In addition to monitoring the tool to identify and close data gaps, we will also focus on building competence in key IM/CA processes. This includes how we conduct investigations, perform root-cause analyses and create strong corrective actions. Closing these gaps will enable us to track trends from a growing pool of data to better understand our operational risks, identify new ones and address those with potential for greatest harm.