Report on Sustainability 2018

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This 2018 Report on Sustainability is also available as a fully comprehensive, downloadable PDF.

Our stand-alone Climate Report details our perspective on our energy future. New this year, this information has also been incorporated into our Report on Sustainability

Suncor President and CEO Steve Williams in a board room at the Suncor Energy Center in Calgary, Alberta.
Suncor recognizes and has embraced the importance of taking the long view. Our business model, strategies and growth plans are driven by a clear vision of the role we aspire to play in creating energy for a better world over the next half-century or more.
Steve Williams
President and Chief Executive Officer
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employees have completed Aboriginal awareness web-based training since it launched in 2015

Economic impact


contributed in royalties and taxes for governments in 2017



Suncor invested approximately $350 million in 2017 developing and deploying new technologies to optimize current assets and develop next generation facilities

View of the Athabasca River seen from Fort McMurray, Alberta

Sustainability Q and A

It’s time to have a Chief Sustainability Officer at the executive level – in part, because we’ve matured through a 20-year journey to actually build this capability deeply into our culture. It’s about developing a strategy and capability right across the company.

Eric Axford
Chief Sustainability Officer

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Sustainability goals

Suncor’s sustainability goals reflect our focused efforts on strengthening relationships with Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) intensity.

About our report and sustainability priorities

Suncor has reported our sustainability progress and performance for over two decades and this 2018 Report on Sustainability continues our approach to transparency.

We reviewed the most relevant sustainability priorities through an in depth materiality assessment. In the context used for this report, materiality reflects the relative significance of sustainability priorities and their impacts (both positive and negative) both to our business, and to stakeholders and Aboriginal communities affected by our business.

Suncor's infographic displaying materiality assessment outcome displaying evaluation of Suncor's priority topics for our Report on Sustainability
A smudge bowl seen at The Gathering, with members of the Suncor Energy Foundation in attendance

Aboriginal relations

The trust and support of stakeholders and Aboriginal communities are very important to Suncor and foundational to successful energy development.

Sunrise over Suncor's Wapisiw Lookout reclamation site in the Alberta's oil sands region.

Climate change

In today’s polarized world, constructive and solutions-focused conversations about climate change and our shared energy future are more essential than ever.

An employee checks the water clarity at Suncor Base Plant, near Fort McMurray, Alberta

Water stewardship

Water is a shared and precious resource. Suncor’s integrated water management approach balances optimizing our water use practices with technological innovation to sustainably manage water.

An employee stands outside the Suncor refinery in  Edmonton, Alberta.

Operational reliability and safety

Suncor is committed to incident prevention and learning and continues to raise the bar to improve process safety and reliability performance.