Report on Sustainability 2019
2019 Climate Risk and Resilience Report
This stand-alone report details Suncor’s management of climate change risk, GHG performance and our perspective on our energy future.

Our perspective and engagement

The challenge is how to best develop our resources while reducing environmental impact and ensure continued prosperity and healthy communities globally.

GHG performance

Suncor’s focus on operational excellence and reliability, as well as the introduction of new technology, has reduced the GHG intensity of our oil sands Base plant by approximately 60% since 1990.

GHG goal

We’re striving to reduce emissions intensity through our GHG performance goal which is expected to drive operational efficiency improvements and accelerate the adoption of new technology.

Low-carbon innovation

We believe next-generation technology and energy innovation will move from incremental to transformational change.

Carbon risk and energy outlook

We identify, assess and report on significant risks and use scenario planning to assess the future.

Resilient strategy

We believe a clear outlook on where the industry is headed is essential as we adjust to technology that has opened up new oil supply sources, such as shale oil, and changed the supply cost curve.

Carbon policy and regulation

Governments around the world are focusing on the technology pathways and policy frameworks required to achieve a stable and responsible transition to a low carbon energy system at the same time as meeting rising global energy demand for energy.