Sustainability at Suncor

Strengthening relationships

We can do more to learn about the history and experiences of Indigenous Peoples, so that we can better understand one another and change the way we think and act.

Strengthening relationships is a priority for Suncor, and we have designed many supporting initiatives to enable our employees along the way. We’re focusing on increasing awareness, building understanding, shifting attitudes and changing behaviours. By the end of 2019, nearly 9,000 Canadian employees had completed the web-based training, which we also offer to the public, and more than 1,400 Canadian employees had completed classroom training. In addition to training, our employees have embraced various learning and cultural opportunities. Our Indigenous Student Program has grown from 17 participants in 2017 to 80 in 2019, with placements in many areas of our operations and our Indigenous Mentorship Program has increased by 50% since 2018.


People gathered together in front of the new Journeys logo.
Suncor leaders, Elder Casey Eagle Speaker and members of Journeys at the Journeys logo unveiling event at the Suncor Energy Centre.

Our Journeys employee inclusion network supports Indigenous employees to feel a sense of belonging within Suncor, as well as strengthening Indigenous cultural awareness, relationships and employee personal development.

The network has four circles:

  • leadership
  • cultural awareness
  • community impact
  • engagement

Within each circle, volunteers organize events and lunch and learns. The network also organizes an ambassador program, Indigenous insights which can be shared in Suncor meetings and creates the Journeys newsletter.

In 2019, Journeys held its first annual gathering to connect and build relationships, celebrate the success of the network, and plan 2020 programs and events that foster inclusion. The network currently has more than 800 Indigenous and non-Indigenous members.

The advancements in Indigenous inclusion and the fostering of positive change within Suncor culture that I have seen come through the Journeys network has been nothing short of amazing. I am very proud to be a part of that and look forward to our future endeavours, within Suncor and beyond.
Amanda Robert
maintenance planner, Fort Hills
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