Report on Sustainability 2019

Air quality

We continuously work with federal and provincial governments, industry peers and other stakeholders to ensure we effectively implement air quality monitoring measures as we pursue the shared goal of minimizing the impact of our operations on regional air quality.

Water stewardship and performance

Suncor believes water is a shared and precious resource that must be managed wisely, using a balanced, integrated and sustainable approach.

Tailings management

Suncor is engaging with key stakeholders and Indigenous communities on our approach to tailings management, and also collaborating with other oil sands producers to accelerate tailings management improvements.

Land and reclamation

Suncor continues to implement progressive reclamation, reclaiming land that is no longer required for operations. We also participate in several research and monitoring projects to better understand impacts and how we can improve our reclamation efforts.


Suncor and other oil sands companies are working to reduce the size of our environmental footprint, in order to support the function of natural ecosystems in the region and maintain the biodiversity of the region.

Caribou recovery and conservation

Suncor has a role to play in contributing towards caribou conservation in the boreal forest and has developed strategies for mitigating our impact on woodland caribou.