Sustainability at Suncor

Air quality

Suncor is committed to maintaining and improving air quality near all our operations.

Water stewardship

Suncor believes water is a shared and precious resource that must be managed wisely, using a balanced, integrated and sustainable approach.

Tailings management

Suncor is working to reduce the size of our environmental footprint. Tailings reclamation requires continuous learning, collaboration and innovation.

Land and reclamation

Suncor develops detailed reclamation plans that consider the impacts of our operations and embed learnings from local Indigenous Peoples and community stakeholders.


Suncor is committed to preserving and promoting biodiversity in all areas where we work. This includes conserving habitat and reclaiming the landscape we’ve disturbed.

Waste Management

Suncor closely manages all kinds of waste, ensuring it’s properly handled and disposed to protect the environment and our people.