Report on Sustainability 2019

Renewable technologies

We take a holistic view at low-carbon innovation.

Electric vehicle charging network

Suncor, through its Petro-Canada brand, is building a network of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations across the country.

Petro-Canada stations will offer DC fast chargers which support a broad selection of vehicles. The chargers can provide up to a 200 kilowatt charge – enough to provide an 80% charge to most EVs in less than 30 minutes. The units are capable of 350 kilowatt charging with future upgrades.

More than 50 EV stations will be located along the Trans-Canada highway at strategically located Petro-Canada stations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Construction began in 2019 with sites opening over 2020.

A test site is currently operational in Milton, Ontario.

"When we first launched, we initially had four to five customers a day, but those numbers have quickly begun to multiply. I am eager to learn more about electric vehicles and charging because I believe this will be a part of Canada’s mobility future," says Milton Petro-Canada gas station operator, Mathi Valautham.

Petro-Canada electric vehicle charging station in Milton, Ontario.
Petro-Canada electric vehicle charging station in Milton, Ontario.


We take a holistic view at low-carbon innovation and also have a focus on GHG reduction in our downstream business. Since 2006, Suncor has been making a significant impact in Canada’s emerging biofuels industry and we continue to work to reduce emissions intensity of liquid fuels. Our downstream carbon reduction initiatives include alternative fuels, fuel switching, energy efficiency and investing in new technologies.

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Investments in companies focused on biofuel technologies such as LanzaTech.
  • In 2019, we invested in Enerkem Inc. which manufactures biofuels and renewable chemical products from household garbage that would otherwise be landfilled. In addition to a financial investment, a number of Suncor employees have been seconded to Enerkem’s facility in Edmonton.
  • We own and operate the largest ethanol plant in Canada which provides the ethanol we blend in our gasoline. We are evaluating optimization work at our St. Clair ethanol plant to increase the quality of our products to develop lower carbon intensity ethanol.
  • Increasing biocontent to our diesel and gasoline through hydrotreated renewable diesel (HRD), fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) and ethanol; all forms of renewable fuels.
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