Report on Sustainability 2019

Social innovation

In addition to technology and digital innovations, Suncor also engages in social innovation. Social innovation considers the whole system to address business and community needs.

Systems thinking is especially useful to address complex challenges that cannot be successfully addressed solely by one organization or sector.

The world, including the environment that Suncor is operating in, is increasingly complex and dynamic. More than ever, it requires a holistic approach. There are lots of definitions of social innovation. In our view, social innovation helps us to see our place in a system, contribute Suncor’s unique assets and strengths, and work with others to make lasting progress on societal and community needs that impact all of us.
Eric Axford
Suncor’s EVP and Chief Sustainability Officer

The development and progression of Suncor’s social goal has required deep commitment and work with communities, as well as among teams across Suncor. It is changing how we think and act as a company, and is one example of a successful social innovation in action, one that is creating broad and lasting culture change.

Other examples include the Energy Futures Lab, which the Suncor Energy Foundation and Suncor have supported since 2015, and new business partnerships and models like the East Tank Farm Development agreement and Petro-Nor.

The opportunity to learn and incorporate social innovation thinking into our business provides the chance to mitigate future risks, identify new areas of opportunity and ways of operating, and contribute to society and the communities we’re a part of.

“The size and type of 21st century challenges can often feel overwhelming, but they also give us opportunities to work together – and work differently – to adapt and change our business and, working with others, create and sustain a more positive future,” says Eric.

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