Report on Sustainability 2019

How is inclusion and diversity managed?

Board of Directors diversity policy

Suncor recognizes the value that diverse points of view can bring. The board strives to include individuals from diverse backgrounds with regard to gender, ethnicity/Indigenous status, age, business experience, professional expertise, personal skills, stakeholder perspectives, geographic background and other attributes. It also aspires to maintain a board where at least 30% of its members are women.

CEO goal on inclusion and diversity

Suncor’s long-term goal is to ensure we have a competent, engaged and diverse leadership, workforce and culture needed to achieve our triple-bottom-line objectives.

Our 2018 enterprise goal was to ensure diversity is improved, valued and optimized. As we continue to learn about inclusion and diversity (I&D), we have realized that what is most important, and brings the most value to people and our organization, is inclusion.

A more inclusive workforce will increase diversity and enable us to benefit from a wide range of employee backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We believe this leads to a better workplace and ultimately, to stronger performance – economic, social and environmental.
Arlene Strom
SVP and general counsel

Therefore, our 2019 goal is to significantly improve inclusion and diversity of our workforce. The focus is to strengthen inclusion and diversity knowledge and skills, and implement enterprise and business unit action plans to address systemic barriers.

The Inclusion and Diversity Council

Formed in 2017 with a cross-section of senior leaders who represent our business and functional areas, Suncor’s I&D Council sets strategy, champions and guides I&D initiatives, and understands and addresses systemic barriers to a more inclusive workplace.

Standards of business conduct code

The code commits us to maintaining a business environment free from harassment, violence, intimidation and other unethical behaviour. Showing mutual respect and consideration is a fundamental expectation of our workplace.

Suncor’s social goal

Recognizes the value of relationships and that the support and trust of Indigenous communities impacted by energy development is essential for sustainable development.

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