Sustainability at Suncor

Inclusion and diversity

We believe part of our strength comes from leveraging our differences. We want to make Suncor a great place to work for all – where, no matter your background, attributes and perspectives, you feel valued and respected.
Building an inclusive and respectful workplace through employee networks – this is Kate’s story.

Unleash the full potential of our people

Living our purpose can only be achieved by caring for each other. People are at the centre of everything we do, so we want everyone to feel safe, included, inspired, trusted and supported so they can be and achieve their best.

Measurement helps us to understand the demographics of our workforce. Representation, retention, and advancement data informs our progress and helps us to identify and break down barriers – whether they are cultural, ethnic, generational or gender-based.

Beyond statistics and metrics, we show our commitment to building inclusion and belonging through raising awareness, listening, creating conversations, striving for fair treatment and building skills. We believe this will positively contribute to strong employee engagement and business performance.

An inclusive and diverse leadership, workforce and culture, are central principles in many of our commitments, policies, programs and tools.

Suncor’s inclusion and diversity strategy includes initiatives and actions in five focus areas:

  • leadership
  • processes, policies and programs
  • understanding and skill development
  • employee involvement
  • community and industry partnerships


Suncor’s leadership is committed to progressing inclusion and diversity (I&D), beginning with our Board of Directors diversity policy, our company-wide goals as set by our CEO and the I&D Council made up of senior leaders across the organization. Our purpose, values and new leadership imperative launched in 2019 drive an inclusive culture.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity

Recent events and conversations, across North America, around the globe and within our organization, have heightened the need to deepen our commitment to an inclusive and respectful workplace and seek to address systemic bias. This commitment means we must listen, understand, learn, and adapt our practices to grow and support inclusion and diversity.

Along with other members of the Business Council of Canada, we have signed a statement denouncing racism in all its forms, demonstrating our commitment to driving positive change to eliminate discrimination of all kinds.

Processes, policies and programs

Our new Equal Opportunity & Inclusion Policy (PDF, 4pp., 129 KB) and supporting Respectful Workplace Standard, approved in 2019 and published in 2020, demonstrates our commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity. We introduced a Parental Leave Top-up Plan for Canadian employees that supports families of all types. Open to birth and adoptive parents, of all genders, the plan enables gender equity and career development for women, while also helping all employees find a balance that works best for their career and family.

Welcoming a new baby into your home is the start of an incredible adventure, and we want to help our employees find a balance that works for them leading up to, during and coming back from their leave, and with financial support.
Paul Gardner
chief people officer

Understanding and skill development

We support and are building understanding by celebrating diversity days during the year, and we support a variety of ways for employees to learn about, celebrate and recognize diversity, such as employee stories on our intranet, newsletters, internal social platform Yammer, guest speakers, workshops and events. We also have our continued formal programs, Unconscious Bias training and Indigenous Awareness and Cultural training, and a collection of resources and tools for employees and leaders to learn more.

Employee involvement

We now have seven employee inclusion networks that play a valuable role in building a sense of belonging, supporting personal and professional development, learning and networking opportunities.

Our networks include:

  • Journeys (formerly known as the Indigenous Employee Network)
  • Calgary Women Engage (WE)
  • Fort McMurray WE
  • Pride
  • Downstream Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN)
  • Calgary WIN
  • Regional Municipality Wood Buffalo WIN


2020 director nominees are women


women in management


Indigenous representation in our workforce

*Certain operating regions prohibit collecting information on gender; therefore diversity data may not be reflective of our entire workforce due to data availability. Workforce diversity is calculated based on information provided voluntarily by employees. Indicators referring to ethnicity and disability reflect only those employees who consented to release of this information.

**Women in management is classified as members of the management committee or members of the corporate committee.

***All workforce information reported in this filing is based on data as of April 1, 2020. Workforce data is not consistent with the 2019 Annual Report, as data has been updated and reclassified to ensure accuracy in publicly available information.

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