Sustainability at Suncor

Inclusion and diversity

We want Suncor to be a great place to work for everyone.

We’re working to create an inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone feels respected, trusted, safe, supported, and their opinions are valued. This aligns with our purpose of caring for each other; it’s a central principle in our culture, and foundational to many of our commitments, policies, programs and resources.  

To create a respectful and inclusive workplace, our workforce should reflect our communities and enable employees to bring their best selves to work every day. Suncor’s inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy includes initiatives and actions in five focus areas:  

  • leadership
  • processes, policies and programs
  • understanding and skill development
  • employee involvement
  • community and industry partnerships
Building an inclusive and respectful workplace through employee networks – this is Kate’s story.


Suncor’s leadership is committed to learning about and applying inclusive behaviours, guided by our Board of Directors’ diversity policy and our company-wide goals as set by our CEO. Our I&D Council is made up of Suncor senior leaders and leads our I&D strategy. I&D Council members work with their leadership teams to set goals, strategies and action plans for their respective business areas to address barriers to an inclusive, fair and respectful workplace; foster opportunities to learn and change; and hold each other accountable by setting expectations for leaders.  

As part of our effort to unleash the full potential of our team, we are working toward Great Place to Work certification®, a measure of a more inclusive, trust-based company. In 2020, employees participated in our first Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey© and despite the challenges of the pandemic, leaders from all levels and areas of the company developed and executed culture action plans aimed at building trust through greater respect, empathy, communication and listening. Employees’ survey responses also resulted in an inclusion index which will help measure our progress in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Processes, policies and programs

Suncor develops processes, policies and practices that are inclusive and support diversity. Our new Equal Opportunity & Inclusion Policy and supporting Respectful Workplace Standard outline our commitment to eliminate discrimination; celebrate and support the unique experiences and voices of our team; and undertake special efforts to attract diverse workers.

Understanding and skill development

We value inclusive mindsets and behaviours and believe that supporting mental well-being and promoting psychological safety are foundational to an inclusive workplace. Learning initiatives include informal opportunities like quarterly company-wide Action for Inclusion conversations hosted by the I&D Council; hearing people’s stories; lunch and learns; panels; diversity day recognition; and curating and adding to a collection of resources and tools for people and leaders. Formal training programs on topics like unconscious bias, Indigenous awareness, inclusive leadership skills, and cultural learning opportunities are also available. 

In 2020, events across North America and globally amplified the social injustices and systemic racism that continue to exist, and Suncor stepped into those conversations with our people. With a workforce representing all walks of life, we welcome tough conversations to learn first-hand the experiences our colleagues face so that we may all understand, learn, grow and change. Together we’re getting more comfortable having these uncomfortable conversations as they help build understanding and awareness of barriers to an inclusive society and workplace.  

Together we’re working hard to listen to each other, step into uncomfortable conversations to learn and grow, challenge our biases, and authentically connect with each other — all of which remains a priority and critical lever in our transformative goal to make Suncor a great place to work.
Arlene Strom
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Employee involvement

Suncor’s employee inclusion networks are established by and for people with shared characteristics, ethnicities, interests or life experiences, and those interested in supporting and/or learning more about ways to build an inclusive workplace. The networks build a sense of belonging and community among members of under-represented or specific groups while encouraging active participation of all people. The networks help inform the I&D strategy for the company, foster greater awareness, and build allies throughout Suncor. They also contribute to our business objectives such as talent recruitment and employee retention. As of the end of 2020, our formal networks had more than 3,000 members. 

In 2020, members of the I&D Council hosted inclusion listening labs with people across the organization, including some targeted at specific demographic groups (e.g., women, Indigenous, visible minorities, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ2S+ community) to understand their experiences at Suncor and seek feedback on where progress is being made, where barriers exist, and how to create positive change. Information from these labs contributes to Suncor’s I&D strategy and action plans and helps inform updates to policies and processes.  

We acknowledge there is still a lot of work ahead of us, and we’re proud to move forward together.  


Employees completed Unconscious Bias Training in 2020


Members involved in employee inclusion networks


Indigenous representation in our workforce

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