Report on Sustainability 2019

Supplier engagement

Suncor has long held a belief that developing solutions requires engaging with shareholders, environmental organizations, local communities, Indigenous communities, governments, suppliers and industry partners.
Suncor leader at Forward Summit panel discussion
Howard McIntyre, Vice President, Supply Chain & Field Logistics (retired) speaking on behalf of Suncor at the inaugural Forward Summit: Empowering Indigenous Economies.

We find value in thinking about things differently, and this often leads to new ideas, joint problem solving or new ways of working with our stakeholders.

In 2019, we embarked on a journey of integrating sustainability into our supply chain to serve as a driver of change and progress – in order to affect environmental and social impacts of procurement decisions while improving business value.

Supply chain sustainability strategy

The development of our supply chain sustainability strategy is founded in a systems approach – with a triple-bottom-line lens to identifying risks and opportunities. Our strategy focus areas include:

  • Indigenous supplier engagement
  • greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • inclusion and diversity
  • governance, ethics and human rights
  • community investment and social innovation
  • water stewardship

By building on collaborative relationships with our stakeholders, we aim to embed sustainability into all go-to-market activities and the supply chain management culture throughout our own organization over the coming five years.

Our strategy includes accelerating our leadership position beyond the focus of Indigenous spend, and into capability development with our supplier base creating greater value for our Indigenous partners and suppliers through mutually beneficial relationships and collaboration.

In addition, we aim to systematically assess and trace the flow of materials and information in our supply chain. We are benchmarking our performance in the Canadian landscape and partnering with suppliers and other sustainability leaders.

Suncor recognizes the importance of maturing our relationships with suppliers in our industry from transactional to strategic. And, we look forward to these opportunities to build mutual understanding on the best approach for us to meet our business objectives and to address stakeholder expectations.

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