Report on Sustainability 2018

Lobbying and disclosure

Suncor participates in public policy discussions on a wide range of issues relevant to the company’s business and regularly communicates with governments in jurisdictions where it operates.

Suncor believes that open dialogue between government, stakeholders and industry leads to improved government decision-making, thereby benefiting shareholders as well as all other stakeholders. Through our engagement activities, we aim to decrease the probability of ad hoc or reactive policy development by working to achieve a balanced approach.

We also believe communication with government officials (otherwise known as lobbying) improves government decision-making through open dialogue among government, stakeholders and industry and better informs government officials about Suncor, the energy industry and the effects of government policies.


Suncor has a policy that applies to all employees. The policy sets out guiding principles for interacting with governments, including required training and reporting, as well as roles and responsibilities.

Membership disclosures

Suncor participates in industry groups representing the interests of both the energy industry and the broader business community and, in doing so, promotes the public policy objectives important to us, its shareholders and other stakeholders. However, our participation as a member of these organizations comes with the understanding that we may not always support every position taken by these organizations or their members.

Suncor also complies with all laws regarding lobbying and lobbying disclosure. As a matter of general practice, we do not engage third-party (consultant) lobbyists. We are committed to transparency, and share our approach on lobbying and political donations. We also provide a list of organizations and trade associations that may lobby government to which Suncor pays membership dues of greater than $50,000.

We have a demonstrated track record of transparent reporting. We believe additional disclosure about the resilience of our business strategy in a transition to a low-carbon future benefits shareholders and stakeholders.

Suncor's enhanced disclosure is consistent with our strong focus on sustainability, reflects our openness to engage with shareholders and stakeholders, and reflects best practice within the energy industry in Canada.

The following is a list of organizations and trade associations of which we are a member and that may engage in lobbying of governments.

$50K - $100K


For a listing of the groups that receive funding from the Suncor Energy Foundation, please refer to the CRA website and search for Suncor.

Political contributions

As of June 1, 2016, Suncor no longer makes political contributions as a matter of policy, except in exceptional circumstances. Any such contributions will continue to be disclosed in this report.

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