Report on Sustainability 2019

Sustainability goals

Suncor’s sustainability goals reflect our focused efforts on strengthening relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities in Canada, and harnessing technology and innovation to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity.
Researcher at Nikanotee Fen
Student researcher measuring trees at Nikanotee Fen

Continuous improvement of our long-term environmental, social and economic performance requires an evolution of our business that’s beyond our current capabilities.

We established our social and GHG goals in 2016, with a baseline year of 2014, as guide posts to drive performance improvement. More detail about these goals is provided in our social responsibility and climate change sections of this report.

Social goal: strengthening our relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities in Canada

Our social goal reflects our commitment to change the way we think and act as an organization and build greater mutual trust and respect with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. The goal outlines four areas to focus on through 2025 and beyond where we can work together to advance greater participation of Indigenous Peoples and communities in energy development:

GHG goal: reducing our GHG emissions intensity

We share in the global challenge to address climate change by harnessing technology and innovation to set us on a pathway to a low-carbon energy system. We aim to reduce total emissions intensity of the production of our oil and petroleum products by 30% by 2030. Our focus on GHG emissions intensity reductions is in these key areas:

Our commitment to water stewardship

We are also focused on extending our commitment to water stewardship by working to develop a new long-term water goal. Our plan is to take a watershed approach to this goal and work with stakeholders and Indigenous communities to determine where we can have the greatest impact. This is an innovative approach to goal setting and we are excited to see the results of this process.

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