Report on Sustainability 2018
Innovation topics
In situ overview
We are advancing a portfolio of in situ technologies to lower the carbon intensity of producing bitumen and improve the cost competitiveness.
Mining overview
Our oil sands mining projects produce a reliable, long-term energy supply while using technology to minimize environmental impact.
Reclamation overview
We’re aggressively working to accelerate the pace of progressive reclamation of disturbed land at our mining and in situ locations.
Upgrading overview
We continue to look for opportunities to minimize environmental intensity throughout the processes of extraction and production of oil to manufacturing and distributing fuels.
Advocacy coalitions
We value and advocate reaching out to diverse stakeholders to generate constructive dialogue about energy development.
Autonomous haulage systems (AHS)
We are proceeding with the phased implementation of autonomous haulage systems (AHS) at company-operated mines.
Decarbonization is a strategic focus area for technology development at Suncor – reliable, less energy intensive processes will be needed to realize the benefits.
Demonstration Pit Lake
The Demonstration Pit Lake (DPL) is part of our aquatic closure technology development program that is designed to ensure we can successfully reclaim mine sites.
We’re increasingly harnessing digital technology capabilities to help improve the safety, productivity, reliability and environmental performance of our operations.
Direct Contact Steam Generation (DCSG)
The DCSG process has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water requirements.
Environmental multi-stakeholder working groups
We believe working with stakeholders to understand their environmental concerns is the best way to develop programs to monitor the environment.
Environmental non-government organizations (ENGO) partnerships
We engage with a wide variety of groups and individuals to seek input because we think it’s important to listen and understand other perspectives.
Froth Treatment Tailings
Using a light hydrocarbon to help remove most of the water and mineral from bitumen froth.
High temperature reverse osmosis produced water treatment
A high temperature membrane plant could reduce the energy required and infrastructure for the SAGD water treatment process.
In Situ Demonstration Facility
The In Situ Demonstration Facility (ISDF) will be a place where we can optimize, test and commercialize a suite of enhanced in situ technologies.
Industry associations
We are a member of several industry associations. There is strength in having forums for creating alignment and discussing issues.
Industry collaborations
We also participate in industry organizations that work to improve the industry’s environmental, social and economic performance.
Mild Thermal Cracker Technology
We are advancing research in low temperature thermal vis breaking to examine the potential for bitumen to be upgraded.
Nikanotee fen
We were one of the first companies in the world to complete reconstruction of this type of wetland.
Non-aqueous extraction
We are pursuing new technologies in surface mining and bitumen extraction that could reduce or eliminate the need for water.
Non-condensable gas co-injection
Methane is co-injected with steam to reduce the steam-to-oil (SOR) ratio while maintaining production and pressure.
Paraffinic Froth Treatment (PFT)
We selectively remove part of the asphaltenes to create a lighter, higher quality bitumen that requires less diluent and no upgrading requirements.
PASS is a fluid tailings treatment process to significantly increase the amount of fluid tailings we can treat in a more sustainable manner.
During the producing life of an oil sands reservoir, different techniques can be applied to optimize oil production and recovery.
Steam-Solvent technologies
The combination of steam and solvent offers potential for achieving significant GHG reductions.
Thermal-Solvent Based Processes
Solvents can be used in conjunction with steam and wellbore heating technologies to potentially reduce extraction temperatures and energy usage.
Wastewater treatment facility at Commerce City
An upgrade to our existing wastewater treatment facility leveraging a unique technology.
Wellbore enhancements
Improving the reliability of SAGD assets creates opportunities to be more efficient with oil recovery while using less energy and water.